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Neuhaus Chocolates

One of the top-rated chocolates in the world, Neuhaus chocolates are an affordable luxury.
Le Chocolatier
carries a broad range of individual Neuhaus chocolates, as well as bars, tablets, biscuits, specialty chocolates, and gift boxes. The best-selling caprice and tentation chocolates move out of the store quickly – frequent visits will assure first pick of new shipments. Holidays bring inspired pieces from these master Belgian chocolatiers.

Bequet Confections
Deliciously addictive -- you’re going to want more than one! Available in 12 fabulous flavors.

Serendipity Confections
Chocolate-covered butter caramels some plain, some with sea salt, and some with cacao nibs - all delicious!

Kinder, Marich, and Jelly Belly are just a few of the other unique chocolates and candies available at Le Chocolatier.





Le Chocolatier packages and ships.
We also deliver in the metro Denver area. Contact us for more information.


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