Le Chocolatier fine chocolates, Denver, CO

Le Chocolatier carries a full spectrum of specialty holiday and seasonal chocolates and sweets. From Valentine’s Day through New Year’s Eve you will find a wide variety of unique holiday products available.

Valentine’s Day
Each love in your life deserves the finest chocolates – and who said it was a crime to treat yourself.

St. Patrick’s Day
Don’t forget your chocolate pot o’ gold! Be sure to stop by the day before because Le Chocolatier is always closed on our national holiday!

Chocolate eggs by the thousands filled with a host of flavors. And always a holiday bunny!

Mother’s Day
Enjoying a beautiful spring stroll with your mother? Be certain to stop in and indulge her with a chocolate treat.

December Holiday Season
From Hanukkah to Christmas, everyone loves to receive chocolate goodies from Le Chocolatier. Fill the table, packages, stockings, and under the tree with unique and surprising treats.

Holiday Chocolates from Le Chocolatier Denver
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